The pathogen of a disease depends on RBCs of human for grwoth and reproduction. The person with this pathogen suffers with chill and high fever.

(a) Identify the disease.
(b) Name the pathogen.
(c) What is the cause of fever?
(d) Represent the life cycle of the pathogen diagrammatically.

Class XII
Human health and disease



(a) the disease is Malaria.
(b) the pathogen is plasmodium. there are 5 species of plasmodium which causes malaria. they are :
1. plasmodium falciparum
2. plasmodium vivax
3. plasmodium ovale
4. plasmodium malariae 
5. plasmodium knowlesi
(c) the breakdown of RBC and release of more merozoites causes periodic fever in malaria.
(d) the diagram is given below. please refer it.....