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Sport ! a thing that energies your body. It's just not a game, more than that it teaches you the fun of life ,it makes you happy ,it teaches the joy of winning and loosing ,it teaches the importance and the value of teamwork. It makes your body fit and healthy ,while playing any sport you forget your all your worries, troubles and all your problems. 
When you start playing it ,then you want that it never end...............It tells that many things are there in this world that can entertain you ,more than a mobile ,television or tab, because today's generation is busy in these things only. If you will ask to your parents or grandparents about how they pass their time in holidays or when they were free ,they will tell you that they always play together a sport or a game ,and they really enjoy that ,it energies them and keeps them fit..........At the end ,I will say that sport is the best way of enjoying together and for keeping ourselves fit and healthy.....

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Sports Sports not only makes uspl happy but it is good for our health.It included every type of game especially outdoor games.When we run inside our body blood circulation increases and makes our body fit for doing any kind of work.We should play 5to6 hours in a day.Everyone should play.Hockey ,cricket and many more games are famous in India. We can see that every sports person are very fit. So we should also play outside games.
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