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I  guess India will prove to be a major power and build a lot of reputation internationally. Indians earn a lot of praise from everywhere in the world. Indians become and behave like citizens of most advanced countries in the World.

During the last decade people of India have learnt a lot about health, money, their rights, their duties, their opportunities etc.

1. People of India are more educated about the population issues, ecosystem and environment related issues etc. People will take care not to have too many children. So population increase should be under control.  Average life tenancy will increase by 5 years or more.

2. People - the next generation - care more for the environment and ecosystem.  They will protect our system. The new technologies could help them too.

3. People of India are skilled in technologies, sciences, IT etc. They will make more advances. There will be more employment in these sectors. People of India will become more sophisticated, wealthy, educated, skilled and comparable to the best in the world.

4. Agriculture will improve every year. There will not be shortage of food. A lot of developments will take place surely in methods of cultivation and seed selections. Information transmission and processing is much faster nowadays. Farmers are also well educated now. Government helps them every year and monitors them closely.

5. Political situation is improving every year. So there will be stability and growth. Democratic and socialistic philosophies will flourish. India has sufficient reserves. So the country remains strong economically.  The political disputes and enmity with neigbouring countries will improve by the next generation. Because those old people with old memories will die. India can save budget allocations on defense.

6. Poor people are being helped by so many organizations. The reservations in jobs, seats in colleges etc. are helping some weaker sections. The poor will live better than before. 

7. Sports and arts in India will gain higher reputation. The artists and sports persons are getting more and more talented every year.

8. India will become a major regional center for technology, culture, science etc. Other  countries will look at India, like now they are looking at USA, Japan, Germany, France etc.

9. India will have a very big cinema industry. It may get close to hollywood level too.


1.  A lot of urbanization will take place. The negative effects of urbanization can be bad for the country.

2. India is becoming a global country with participation from many foreign countries in commodity markets, share markets, corporate businesses, regional development etc. This could stabilize or weaken India. They can perturb economy temporarily. Foreign currencies could affect prices in India. India's good relations with other countries is very important.

3. If population control is not done well, then we have problems. If population reduces slowly like in China, then India's progress will be much better. If population increase continues, we will have a problem.

4. India is growing to be more and more dependent on the power consumption and Oil consumption. Global oil prices are also very important. Generation of additional electric power is not satisfactory. India suffers from power cuts every where.  There is a major issue related to establishment of atomic power plants.  All over India villages could face severe power cuts in future too.

5. Indians are getting influenced too much by the foreign cultures. This is going to affect India badly.

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Cultural degradation , aping the west can also be included ;)
yes. u r right.
thanx sami n u r welcom