The types of energy is 
Physical and chemical energy
The sources of energy are 
Solar energy
Wind energy
Tidal energy
Geo-thermal energy
Electrical energy
Chemical energy(energy by chemical reactions)

Wind energy to electrical energy or vice-versa
Solar energy to electrical and wind energy and mechanical energy 
Geo-thermal to electrical and wind energy and mechanical energy 
Tidal energy to electrical and wind energy and mechanical energy 

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In the context of physical sciences, several forms of energy have been identified. These include[need quotation to verify]:Forms of energyType of energyDescriptionKinetic(≥0), that of the motion of a bodyPotentialA category comprising many forms in this listMechanicalThe sum of (usually macroscopic) kinetic and potential energiesMechanical wave(≥0), a form of mechanical energy propagated by a material's oscillationsChemicalthat contained in moleculesElectricthat from electric fieldsMagneticthat from magnetic fieldsRadiant(≥0), that of electromagnetic radiation including lightNuclearthat of binding nucleons to form the atomic nucleusIonizationthat of binding an electron to its atom or moleculeElasticthat of deformation of a material (or its container) exhibiting a restorative forceGravitationalthat from gravitational fieldsIntrinsic,  the rest energy(≥0) that equivalent to an object's rest massThermalA microscopic, disordered equivalent of mechanical energyHeatan amount of thermal energy being transferred (in a given process) in the direction of decreasing temperatureMechanical workan amount of energy being transferred in a given process due to displacement in the direction of an applied force