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You may show the various agents of water pollution in your poster. Its consequences may also be shown to some extent. You may also show the ways to stop water pollution. You may include all the three points in making your poster
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If u want it to b positive u can show a beautiful landscape with a waterfall perhaps or a river or pond or any other water body which is clean. U can add some life forms to make it look more positive. Add marine life in the landscape and other animals near the water.Most imp..... write a slogan with bold letters all over the sheet or on the top of it. the slogan should emphasis on saving the water.
If u want a negetive picture do jst opposite of the positive one. dirty water, dead fishes and no other life forms. N yes a warning slogan.It can b Water is life, dont polute our lives.
Remember negetive is more influencing than the positive one
a picture that might help u:

buy some chart paper in blue and draw a big and realistic looking water droplet and write with a dark blue sketch pen about saving water.
may be you could put a stick to it