Ist Conversation
Tanya - Mom, this is Sonia. She's my friend from school. She was with me till the 12th grade. 
Mom - Hi Sonia. It's nice to meet you.
Sonia - Hello. It's the same here.
Tanya - Yeah, so both of you can have a moment. I'll just show the others around. Meet you later.
Mom and Sonia - Sure thing Tanya. Catch you later in the party.
2nd Conversation 
Tanya - Dad, I have to introduce you to someone. This is Shaayna. She's my best friend. She lives in the next complex.
Dad - Nice to meet you, Shaayna.
Shaayna - Same here. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Tanya - Okay dad. So I'll move on. And dad, Shaayna is interested in your jokes. So you both can have a discussion.
Dad - Is it so? Then we're going to have a great time.
Shaayna - Bye Tanya. Meet you later.

I : hi mom dad  i would like to introduce my friends who came here to attend my birthday party my best friends name is joshita
Joshita :hi uncle and aunty jyothika is so friendly
Mom and Dad : maybe in front of u bt she is very naughty
I :  ha my friend who helps me to overcome difficulties in my school is divija
Divija :hi uncle and aunty jyothika is a bit naughty i also agree but she is kind
Mom and Dad  : i agree with u but she is a bit selfish
I: ma do not say like that now ill introduce afriend who helps me in studies  her name is pranathi
Pranathi: hi uncle and aunty jjyothika is good in studies but does not pay attention
Mom and Dad : ha i agree to ur point 
Dad : lets go and cut the cake