A rich man a person with all his wealth. the wealth might come from his haRD WORK OR A A BORN PRIVILEGE .THE PERSON WHO IS RICH AND WEALTHY is always a healthy person and never takes the ways of sin and he i ll be 
educated and know wt to do .
a beggar is poor and a unhealthy person who is always insufficient with his work and money. it ll be his punishment for all the sins he has commited in the past. he ll be uneducated and he ll get the way of crime

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Sorry, I feel being poor is not a punishment but it is because the so called rich are not a helping hand to poor or simply the government has left them to their fate.
A rich man is wealthy who has all comforts and luxuries of life.But may not have peace of mind as he becomes very greedy and selfish.He is worried how to invest his wealth to  become richer.His wants and desires are unlimited.On other hand a beggar doesn't even have the basic necessities of life like food,clothing and shelter.His worry is limited for the day.As he gets food for the day he feels happy and remembers god for his mercy.He knows what is suffering A poor man rarely suffers from heart disease and cancer. I have never heard a beggar dying because of cancer or heart attack.
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