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Journey by night is a story of a brave boy, Sher Singh, whose father was a very brave man and was awarded the title Bahadur. The boy was also very brave like his father. He carried his younger brother,Kunwar, who was suffering from severe stomach pain to the Hospital travelling a distance of 50 miles crossing forest at night and 2 rivers(1 flooded) and finally reaches the hospital and saves the life of his younger brother.
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Journey by Night is the story of the adventure of a brave and courageous boy named Sher Singh. His father was also like him and that's why he was also known by the title, Bahadur. Sher Singh carried his younger brother named Kunwar, to the hospital, because he was suffering from serious stomach pain. He journeys at night for 50 miles, crossing a forest and 2 rivers. Out of 2 rivers, 1 was flooded. At last, the brave soul reached the hospital and got his brother treated. Finally, Kunwar was saved.
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