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Telivision Show Satyamev Jayate is a talk show shown on Star Plus. It is a very good show. It is conducted by Aamir Khan , a popular bollywood actor  and directed by Satyajeet Bhatkal. This show focuses and awares people on social issues like female infanticide , untouchability etc . Its primary language is hindi but its translated into many languages like tamil, english, marathi punjabi and telgu. This show aims for a better India by making the citizens aware of all this social evils and urge them to take action over them.
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Satyamev Jayate is basically a talk show hosted by the one and only Aamir Khan. It talks about the welfare of our country and the horrifying crimes happening in it. Each episode showcases a different heartwarming topic. In the last season, the most talked about topic was rape. With the sudden eruption of bad work, this show brings in a person who has experienced something very scary. They tell Khan about how they suffered and how they are leading a normal life after the incident. Khan, who is sensitive and emotional, was just the right pick to host this hit show.