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A city dweller is always in a hurry. A village man has usually less avogations on his head.

This man generally restricts his attention to his own work. Village man also limits himself to his professional work.

Village man is generally free in the evening and night, till it is day light again.  City man is generally occupied and busy through the day.

Village persons have to bother about power supply and adjust accordingly. 

Village man has less income. He works physically. Many a city dweller works intellectually and earns more per hour.

Often village man has relatives to visit and enjoy a lot of human relations. City man has less amount of human relations on the personal side.

City men are interested and participate in money earning schemes. This man travels a lot. Most probably he uses advanced gadgets.

 Village man usually bears inconvenience rather than spend money for extra comforts. City man looks for comforts and pays for them.

 Village man is bothered about price increases.  City men like to live in style. City man is bothered more about income increase.

Village man is accustomed to good and clean air. City dweller has to worry about air and noise pollution.  

City man lives in huts, small streets as well as in big houses. But not in congested houses. City dwellers often live in congested houses and in crowded areas.

It is not easy at all to live in a summer at a village. It is easier relatively for the city man to live in summer.