Different people will have different incidents which changed their life. In my life book of vivakanandha changed may of thinking and made me a good student.
You to read his books to get inspired    
There was a very naughty boy he never listen to his mother and he never realize his responsibilities and one day his mother fall ill and after two days his mother died.After the dead of his mother he have to stop his school and start to find work in order to fulfill the needs of his younger brother and sister and also he send them to school everyday.The boy realize that this incident really change his LIFE.Now he is a very responsible brother.
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Human life is so designed that it makes us tackle a lot of situations, and in every incident we learn something. Every occasion, however insignificant provides an opportunity to learn, to experience something. Here is such an incident which may seem a bit too minor but nevertheless , has changed my outlook towards life. Last year, I was busy doing my Christmas shopping and after picking up a couple of things I was just walking down the street. I wasn't particularly in a good mood owing to my poor marks in French. I had worked hard but it didn't pay off. You would probably laugh, but this thing had really made me hopeless about my future, after all it was an important exam. It was then that I noticed a disabled man on the wheel chair. He had no hands and only one leg .This was probably done by an accident. I went to him and offered to help him cross the road, which he gladly accepted. I noticed that despite this miserable condition he seemed contented and was smiling. He told me "why are you worried, look isn't the decoration beautiful?" Looking at his own situation, these words sounded strange coming from his mouth. How could he be so calm and happy inspite of his own terrible condition, I couldn't make out and then How he knew about me , I don't know that too , but still this few words completely changed the meaning of life for me or maybe even changed me. To this day ,remembering this particular incident helps me to carry on with the' never say die attitude'.