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In villages the most important plan to be done is to build a school. Because in villages almost half of the people are ignorant due to education.The next plan is hospitals because almost every day 10-12 villagers die due to incurable diseases.The next plan is making good use of land where we can do mixed farming where we can grow both plants and animals which are greatly beneficial.The next plan is to make the production of electricity in village areas where people have to live for a day or two under a kerosene lamp.
Providing electricity. It is a very big problem. People have to light oil lamps or candles to study or work at night. No fans in summer season when it gets very hot.
Building of schools. Education would become more easier to get. Children will not have to travel long distances so villagers will send them to schools.
Constructing Hospitals. Again villagers have to travel long distances to get treatment.
Construction of proper roads. Travelling gets easier.