I don’t believe in ghosts, but i love hearing ghost stories.  usually, after hearing a great ghost story, i say, “i believe that YOU believe that story, but it’s not true.”  however, my bedroom might be haunted.for about three months before moving in, while i was renting somewhere else, i spent about 6 hours a day, about 5 days a week, painting four bedrooms, a sitting room, an office, living room, kitchen, 2.5 bathrooms, and – instead of a dining room – a room with a pool table.when i was painting, i left a lamp on the floor and would use it to help me find drip marks and make sure i sanded well before painting the next coat.  when the lamp was in my bedroom – no other room – i would often find it turned on when i would arrive the next day.  of course i would shut it off when i’d leave, but it would usually be on when i returned.  it wasn’t a regular lamp with a knob to turn.  it was a “touch” lamp, and you’d just tap the metal base to turn it either on or off.  it was the picture above, there’s a light on the ceiling fan.  in the six years that i’ve lived here, i’d guess that about three times a month i’ll come home and find that light on.  it’s rather interesting that two different lights are being turned on…somehow.but i don’t believe in ghosts.  right.  no way.
I do not believe in ghosts, but one day my life got changed. I am wordless to tell about the horror that I saw, the day I can't and I never will forget. I was just 15 years old, going for a small trip with my family. But a sudden time changed the day, there darkness grew up. We all were in a forest with some other tourists. At that time there was day, but the darkness created a scene of night. We think that it was a solar eclipse, and we moved toward our houses. Slowly-slowly nothing was visible and we forgot the way. From behind one by one, everyone got disappear. But it was my and my family's luck that me and my father and my mother were safe and went back to home. The other tourists got disappear in the mysterious forest and this horror scene let me believe that there are ghosts in the world or they can be some powers only. This scared me lot and I even don't went outside from my house for a week.