some of the common things in our daily uses-

1. mobile- we can talk to anyone anywhere without moving

2. refrigerator- stores food & helps that it doesn't get stale

3. television- we can know around the world

4. car- we can travel easily & comfortabely

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Science and the scientist plays a crucial role to make our life more comfortable than before. Some of the discovery which make our life comfortable are:

1) Mobile phone devices:- Communication become easier to humans after the discovery of the mobile phone. We can communicate to a person who lives far away from us. So through mobile we can save our time and enersy to travel to the distnct places and pass our messages.

2)Transport System :- With much developed transport system we can move from one place to another without any difficulty. Compare to the old transport system we can easily deal with the emergence situation and other situation much easier with the developed transport system.

3) Media like TV, radio, newspaper:- With the help of the media we can easily know what is happening around us. Medias are always helpful for the humans to attain the current affairs and the knowledge. 

4) Internet:- In the modern world Internet place an important role in the life of all individuals. Internet help us in many ways. through internet we can communicate, get information, get our project done and so on. So the discovery of the internet is a milestone on the history of the world.

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