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in parallel connections the voltage remain same while in series it is different.
in series connections the  current remain same while in parallel it is different.
in parallel we can put separate switch for each while in series it is not done.
in parallel the bulb will glow brighter because the voltage is across each conductor or resistance.
in series the resistance is higher than parallel connecton.
in parallel connection the resistance is minimum hence current is high because [{resistance is inversely proportional to current}]

r equivalent for parallel=1÷R1 +1÷R2+1÷RN.....

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Parallel connection                          I                Series connection
1) The current varies                 1)The current remains constant across the                     across the connection             connection.
2) The Potential difference           2) The Potential difference  changes                           remains  constant        

Equation for parallel restors
 Equation for series resistor
 R_{eq} =R_{1} +R_{2}+R_{3}......+R_{n}                               
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