It affects each person differently. It might seem intresting to some on the other hand some may become scared. Some would want to know about the other life forms. Thier similarities and differences compared to us humans. Human is always attracted to knowledge to learn something what we dont know. We will want to know about their While some might think about alien invasion. Like mostly shown in movies or described as in books. :)
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How would one feel if suddenly one read in a newspaper about the existence of life in another planet in some other solar system. Some would be scared as then they would have to live in fear of an invasion. They would wrinkle their brows and think of some safe place to house themselves and their family. Some would be real happy as then they can brag about having friend in Facebook who is from some other planet. Children will be glad to have martian friends. As such our philosophy on life will not change much. Only thing that'll be affected is our belief. So far we believed that lie only existed in earth. I guess Our belief was wrong