Father - Derek, you've grown up. It's time you give a little bit of concentration on your future plans.
Derek - Okay dad. What do you want me to become?
Father - I have a suggestion in my mind. But remember son, it's your future, not mine. So you have to take decisions alone.
Derek - Got it dad.
Father - So I want you to become a doctor. But still mind it, I'm giving you the choices. I'ts totally your decision.
Derek - Actually, dad, I didn't have that profession in mind.
Father - What is it, son? Spit it out.
Derek - Buisnessman. I want to become a  buisnessman.
Father - Okay son. So you want to become a buisnessman, right? Then I won't stop. You will become a buisnessman. In fact, you'll become the best in the world!
Derek - You're best dad in the world, dad!!!!!!
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Father:     Hello my dear Son! It's good that I have some free time today. I
                wish to discuss your plans for the future with you.  Can we?

Son:     yes, surely, Dad. 

Father:   What interests you ?  What do you want to be? Have you 
               thought about it ?

Son:   Yes. I like academics. I am good in maths and science and also I 
           have secured a good percentage in those subjects. I will take up 
           some career related to them.

Father :   If you allow me, I suggest engineering, medicine, or science & 
               research.  What do you say?

Son:       Well, I would like to take up medicine. I like that. It will really be 
               helpful to our family too.

Father:       Good decision. I will join you in a good coaching center. It will 
                 help you in your 

Son:      Yeah. I would love to do that. Some of my friends are joining the
              ABC institute. I will like to join that institute.

Father:   But are you ready to put in all that effort? It is not easy. Think  
              once again, in case you have second thoughts.

Son:       I am sure of my decision.

Father:    What do you want to do when you become a doctor?

Son:       Father, I would like to go to Newzealand or Russia or Singapore and
                work there for some years. I want to earn a lot of money.

Father:    Well, it is a good idea. You also will gain experience in using latest
               techniques being used world over.

Son:       That is right. My friend's brother is working in Singapore. He is coming
              here for a vacation next week. I will get some tips from him.

Father:   You can get some inspiration from him. I am saving some money for
              your studies. That will come in handy for payment of your fees.

Son:      okay father.  Thanks a lot.