Chinook :-
It is the hot, dry wind of Rockies. It is also known as 'Snow Eater'. It is a warm wind which even makes the snow vanish in the interiors of Pacific North west of USA .They are widely prevalent over Southern Alberta in Canada 

Foehn :- 
Hot, dry wind in the Alps.This is a warm, dry type of wind that usually occurs in the downward side of a mountain range.  These winds can raise temperatures as much as 32'C within few hours in the entire region. Central Europe enjoys a warm climate due to Foehn winds 

Sirocco :-
Hot, dry wind blowing over North Africa and into Mediterranean basin. Hot air originates from Sahara desert thereby producing hot, dry and gusty winds making the visibility very poor. It can even cause sandstorms when dust and sand content is high in these winds. The sultry weather conditions caused by Sirocco winds may cause headaches, and many diseases of heat to many people.

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dry winds: loo,foehn,khamsin.
hot winds: haramattan,zonda.