One snowy day, in the mountains, Big Bear woke up from his sleep. He stepped out of his den. There as snow everywhere. It was a beautiful sight. He went out for a walk. After a while, he stopped and said to himself,"It's been a long walk. I'm very sleepy. I can find my way back because of my footprints." Saying this, he went to sleep. Another layer of snow covered his footprints, while Big Bear slept on. When he woke up, he got frightened. There were no footprints. Now how would he get back home? He started howling. Suddenly, he saw a log. It was quite familiar. It was the log in front of his den! He looked upwards. He was just in front of his den! 'That means I was moving in circles! What a smart bear I am!' he chuckled.
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i need 1mre stry pls..can u:p
Okay, then ask another question...
alisha a'u there???
Friends are only humorous .............u can write about your child hood behaviour with your frnds...................