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Virus shows the characteristics of both living organisms and non-living things. So they are called the connecting link between living and non-living.

Living characteristics include:
1.They can reproduce.
2.They can move from one place to other.
3.Contain a strand of DNA or RNA
4. They are parasitic in nature

Non living characteristics include:
1.They cannot replicate on their own. They need a host.
2.They don't have any organelles.
3.They can stay dead in crystalline form for thousands of years.

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ya your ans is correct they behave as living inside body and when they are out they behave as non living things
living characteristics - virus makes the host to reproduce it. they cannot reproduce.
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Virus is considered as both living and non-living organism.they have both living and non-living characteristics...

1-they have either of the genetic material-DNA OR RNA
2-they can multiple themselves that means reproduce when they get any host.
3-they can move from one place to the another.

1-they can't reproduce on their own ,they need a body of host.
2-they don' have cell organelles .

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