Public health systems are affordable to all whereas private health systems are aimed for making profits to its owners and its charges are many a times high. But another thing is that the public health systems are least valued by the people because they are available at cheap costs but private health systems are better valued as the people know that they will have to pay if they mishandle it. Moreover, Public health systems offer Low quality or average level facilities to the people whereas private health systems are often costly due to the high standard facilities they provide. 
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State Health Systems:Good healthcare should be available to everyone for free,State healthcare is paid by the government using money from taxes,Everyone has access to the same quality of care and treatment,Private healthcare is unfair because only wealthy people can afford it,The National Health Service in the UK provides free healthcare for every resident.
Private Healthcare:state hospitals are often very large and difficult to run,Private hospitals have shorter waiting lists for operations and appointments,Patients can benefit from faster treatment,Many people prefer to pay for a more personal service,Patients have their own room and more comfortable facilities

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