Once, there was a man who had gone to get honey from a hive. After many scratches and bites, the man got some honey. He walked towards his house. On his way, he thought, 'With this honey, I'll get a lot of money, with that money I will but a cow. Then it'll give me milk. I'll make it into cheese and butter and sell it. Then I'll become rich!' As he walked along, lost in his thoughts, he tripped on a stone. He fell down with a thud. The pot of honey broke into pieces. And so did the man's dreams!
Once there was a man who sits and listens to a story
One day a peacock met a crane and said, “So sorry for you. You have so dull feathers. Look at the fine colours of my feathers.” 

“Well!’ replied the crane, “your look are brighter then mine. But whereas I can fly high up into the sky. All you can do is to strut about on the ground.”

Moral : Never Find Fault With Others.