What was rowlatt act?

can u please answer to this question......

This act was passed in 1919 giving allowing british police to make arrests without a without a arrest warrant, Also it took away the right to freedom and speech.The Rowlatt satyagraha was introduced to fight this act by Mahatma gandhi. He thought of this act as "devilish".... You in CBSE board? because i have an exam on this on Wednesday (Last Exam!!)
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The rowlatt act was passed in 1919 to control the uprisings in india during british rule
according to this act, the gov. could arrest anybody without a warrant and imprison them without a trial, they could search any place without a warrant and also the right of habeas corpus was suspended                 
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Rowlatt act was passed by the Rowlatt Commission appointed by the British government. It was passed on 6th February, 1919. This act empowered the goverment to imprison anyone without a trial and to search any place without a warrant. People called this 'black act'.