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Being truthful means to speak truth always and Being truthful also means never to lie about anything. Further, that we mean what we say. We say things that reflect reality and are pragmatic. Being truthful implies being truthful and sincere to oneself and then to the others or society. If one is truthful, then one is being a human being and not an animal or a devil. 

Devils and demons are not truthful and not human, as they do everything selfishly. They change themselves as the situation demands to benefit only them and to damage others. If the society is to develop harmonically then everyone in the society must be truthful. Imagine if some scientists had not been truthful to the society, then the most important inventions would not have been known and we would not have progressed as much as today. If the politicians are not truthful to the people of the country, then the country suffers and gets damaged. 

Being truthful also means being honest to oneself and to the fellow human beings. If some are truthful and some are untruthful, then the damage caused by the untruthful is more than the good shown by the truthful. Society does not progress. Humanity is affected.

Often one is not truthful because one is afraid of being found out. One should  beyond such fears if one is truthful. One realizes that other gains are temporary and a stable and progressive gain comes from being truthful. 

Many infamous persons cheated and were involved in scams, but they ended up in jails or suffered some other ways. We are to speak truth, be practical and truthful about ourselves, in all situations of comfort and discomfort. The tendency to speak false arises in a conflicting situation. One must then be brave and be honest. The honesty wins in the long run.

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