Supper is a light meal served in early evening while dinner is a main meal of the day served in midday.
dinner isn't served in day, right
In day it is called lunch, not dinner.
but u said 'dinner is d main meal of the day served in midday' I know it's called lunch in day
Both lunch and dinner are main meal of the day only difference is that lunch is served in afternoon or midday and dinner is served in night time. I accidentally said midday for dinner.
oh come on. I know lunch , dinner n all. I didn't jus know supper n d difference. don't take me for such a stupid
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Supper is basically a word used in foreign places to address the word, dinner. Foreigners don't eat dinner. They eat a light meal in the late evening. Dinner is a word used in most places which means a heavy meal in the night.
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