The League of Nations had been deactivated before the World War II. It was appointed after the WW I to stop future wars. But it was unable to do so. So to take the place the LN, the UNO was appointed. Some of its organisations are... 
UNESCO - United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund
FAO - Food and Agricultural Organisation
Declarative Rights of Indigenous People
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Some organs of the League of Nations are functioning till date. A few of them are ILO,WHO and ICJ etc . World Health organisation (WHO) played an important role in providing good healthy conditions to most of the third world countries . Dreadful diseases like cholera ,small pox, polio,etc were checked . In recent years WHO is fighting against AIDS and heart diseases . In Argentina Brazil and Uruguay , the WHO suggested measures and advised to start an international school for infant and child welfare at buenar aires and a public health school at Rio de jeneiro , the capital of Brazil .
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