Afforestation: plants,also called as green plants belong to the kingdom plants provide us with most of the worlds molecular oxygen.plants produce grains,fruits etc..plants are also the source of most medicines and drugs. By afforestration our environment can be balanced. Humans or the licing organisms are directly or indirectly dependent upon plants and environment .this afforestation plan if implemented would help everyone to live a healthy and a peaceful life. Cutting down of trees has many adverse effects on our we should awake the people about the importance of planting trees in the surroundings ....."save plants, save environment"
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Power cut is a major problem in urban and rural areas. It needs much improvement. In many places electricity is cut for many hours. In night children have to light candles and lamp to study. In summers the problems are more as the  weather is hot and there r no fans. Some people even get ill due to this.