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The Invisible Bench

#1 is "sitting" on a bench (which really isn't there).
#2 walks up - "What are you doing?"
#1 - "Sitting on an invisible bench."
#2 - "Can I join you?
#1 - "Sure"
#2 "sits" next to #1.
#'s 3 &4 walk up - "what are you doing?"
#'s 1&2 - "Sitting on an invisible bench."
#'s 3 &4 - "Can we join you?"
#'s 1&2 - "Sure" (and so on till only one person is left)
Last Person - "Hi! What are you guys doing?"
Everyone else - "Sitting on the invisble bench."
Last Person - "Didn't I tell you? I moved the bench over there." (points in other direction)
Everyone sitting on bench says "Oh no!" and falls.

--*Variation: The bench fills up. The Last Person arrives and sits on the end, then says:
LAST PERSON - Hey did you get one of the free donuts in the mess hall?
Everyone else jumps up and runs off yelling "Donuts!" causing the the invisible bench to tip up and the Last Person falls on his/her back. 
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Subject - True Friendship
This skit revolves around Shaayna and Arya. They are students in a famous school. Shaayna is a very popular girl in her school. She has two companions - Aamna and Tanya. Arya is a sweet and simple girl who is new at school.

Shaayna - Let's go for shopping.
Aamna - Of course, I was thinking of just that.
[They leave for the mall] [ On the way, Shaayna slips and falls]
Shaayna - Help me girls. Please.
Tanya - I'm out of here.
Aamna - Me too.
[Both of them leave Shaayna crying] [Arya happens to be crossing the road. She sees Shaayna and runs to her aid]
Arya - Does it hurt too much?
Shaayna - I'm fine. Today I learnt a new thing.
Arya - What?
Shaayna - What true friendship is. I never knew that friendship meant helping your friends and caring for them. I'm very sorry for all the insults you suffered. 
Arya - You know what the proverb says right? In friendship there is no sorry, thank you or welcome. Right?
Shaayna - Right!
[They become best friends]

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