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In solids- (i) Particles are closely packed.
                (ii) Density is high
                (iii) Non compressible
                (iv) Particles have low kinetic energy
                 (v) Infinite no. of surfaces are possible
In liquids-(i)Particles are loosely packed than solid particles.
               (ii)Interparticle force of attraction is less than solid
               (iii)They have definate mass, volume but indefinate shape
               (iv)Kinetic energy of particles is higher than solid
               (v)Liquids have only 1 surface area
In gases-(i)Particles are very loosely packed
              (ii)Interparticle force of attraction is negligible
              (iii)Density is very low
              (iv)Gases have no surface area
              (v)Interparticle spaces are much than liquids & solids
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In case of solid.....The molecules are closely packed with little or no inter molecular so place. The particles in solid are so tight that it takes a great effort to separate them. They have high density. In case of liquid....The molecules are less closely packed than the were in solids. They have little inter molecular space. The force of attraction between The molecules is less, therefore the molecules can move. Their density is less than solids. In case of gases......they have large inter molecular space. The force of attraction between the particles are least. They can move about freely. They have the lowest density.
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