clean india also known as swachch bharat abhiyan which is a mission whose aim is to clean india and make it more beautiful.

this has been started by narendra modi on 2nd october , 2014 which is also the birth day of mahatma gandhi whom we also call bapu.

we all should contribute in this mission.

we should keep our houses cleans and always try to keep our gardens clean .

we should also keep our schools clean which is our second home.

we go to our school almost everyday .

we need to keep our school clean or else we may fall sick.

we can concentrate on our studies only if the surroundings are clean.

our attention will be distracted because of the bad smell from the garbages.

we should through all the wastes in the dustbins which are provided in our school compounds.

this is how we can clean our schools which in turn will help us in clean the nation.