Swachh bharath means clean our country an it is my role and duty to clean and make sure there is no dirt found across our country. I want to preach others and work for this country. In our motherland there are many places that posses more than 100 tones of garbage per day. They are just dumped out. Instead let all of us recycle it. There are people who throw waste things to the road. Instead let segregate the waste and put it into bin. That will make our city better and clean. Industries let water to the lakes and rivers without treating it. Let all us treat the water make our rivers clean. Now days lets use catalytic converters to cars.This releases CO2 instead of CO which is a harmful gas to the environment. All of us should have a limit to burn fossil fuels. If we all follow these measures it would certainly make our country clean. I will go for many camps to different cities in India to make my country clean. There are youngsters who could invent something to clean our country and be proud to bean Indian. I will organize Swachh bharath camp later and i want to preach each and every citizen in India.
In conclusion, my role is to make my country clean.

If there is any mistake tell me i will correct it.
it is launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday on the nationwide

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan its  aims is to clean up the country in the next five years. for tht narendra modi has also nominated nine people to carry forward the campaign.
 Mridula Sinha
 Sachin Tendulkar
 Baba Ramdev
Shashi Tharoor
Kamal Hasan
 Priyanka Chopra
Actor Salman Khan
Industrialist Anil Ambani

not only narendra modi this must be the aim of the everybody in the country to clean i 
guess the simplicity of the idea may work. We desis take pride in keeping our homes clean it is the public places we behave in a pathetic manner. The trick is to extend the sense of pride to public places too. I recently saw Mayo College students campaigning for clean trains and tracks, that is what is needed to spread the movement to the gen next, as Swachh Bharat will happen over a decade and not in a day or ceremonial cleaning on 2nd October. The other important thing is to start a movement of garbage segregation at home and not at garbage dumps by destitute people at last i want to say that i participate in this abhiyan and i proud to be a part of this .