I will give you some points:
- Adventure is to do something new ans thrilling.
- It refreshes ourselves by making us forget all our worries.
- It also brings out our extreme behaviours when we are in new situations...
-It really requires a bit of self confidence and courage to go on an adventure...
-it is one of the best things one can do to pass time and to enjoy life.
-adventure can be anything new and exciting to us.
-Adventure always fills us up with entusiasm and a new energy bringing in an exciting atmosphere.
- adventures also mean to do things which commoners hesitate to do.
- it brings out our skills in new situations and help us realize our potentials...
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sister add this also 1.affects to that 2.effects to that 3.advantages 4.disadvantages(prevention)

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Adventure is popularly sought by people today who work hard to eke out a living and then fall into the sameness of routine life. Human nature seeks variety while routine becomes monotonous too soon. Monotony causes frustration and kills enthusiasm. Hence, short weekends breaks that adventure are taken more these days.
Adventure sports play an important role in shaping and developing the personality of a person. Thus adventure proves to be great even for health.  
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