Pollution means making the environment dirty pollution are of different .that is sound pollution,atmosperic pollution,water pollution etc,the limit of audibility 20hz to 20khz .when too much sounds are produced we may get mental  and psycholigical problems .To reduce sound pollution avoid the over usaage of airhorns,use sillencers,avoid the overusage of fire crackers,plant more treesetc.atmosphere get polluted due to partal burning,toxic gases,fire crackers etc. water get polluted due to careless usage of plastics,throwing wastes here and there etc.due to pollution we may get diseases.  Reproduction means producing young ones of their own kind .its possible by 2 ways.1.laying birth to young ones.this is possible for humans and animals.Plants reproduce by vegetativepropagation like tissue culture ,stem cutting, through seeds,layering,budding etc   In order to write chemical equations reactants and products are in need, reactants are written on the left side and products on the right side .for eg when Hydrogen and Oxygen combins we will get water.Its written as H2+O2---->2H2O. here hydrogen and oxygen are the reactants and water is the product
Our earth has become a store of wastes.we are the one ,i.e , the people living on the earth , who are responsible for the increasing pollution.

there are 3 types of pollution.they are :

WATER POLLUTION :This type of pollution is occuring  because we are throwing our daily wastes in it.the toxic wastes from the factories are also polluting the water bodies.water pollution is affecting the life of marine organisms.they are dieing.the sacred ganges is also being polluted because of the flowers thrown during the rituals.

land pollution: This type of pollution is taking place because we are throwing our daily wastes anywhere on the road we want.this can cause stopage in the drainage system.

air pollution : the main source of air pollution is the harmful gases released from the vehicles.this causes health problems.