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The various types of fire accidents and skills to prevent them:
1) Short circuit. This happens when the electricity overflows from wires that are low in resistivity. For preventing this kind of accidents use a fuse with high resistivity and melting point, also replace the fuse in 1 month or the other. A common type of short circuit occurs when the positive and negative terminals of the battery are connected to a wire low in resistance. Bigger short circuits such as in houses are dangerous therefore, there should be proper prevention methods for this.
2)  Gas accidents. Gas tragedies usually happen when the stove is left on, if you think your stove was on for quiet a long time you should open your windows (obviously of your house)  and off the stove until and unless the smell of the gas disappears. Houses with bad wiring(in the sense the wires are not fixed and are broken) can end up with greater chances to get burned.
3)  fire caused by flammable Products. Products like perfume, batteries, nail polish, nail hardener, and super glues etc are flammable and can cause severe accidents. To prevent these products from burning you should keep it in a room where the temperature is lower or cooler just don't expose these kind of products in heat!
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There are four types of fire accident they are also called as classes of fires
class A like fire occurred due to clothes paper wood etc.,
class B like fire occurred due to liquid materials like petrol, gasoline, diesel oil etc.,
class C like fire occurred due to involve of metals
class D like fire occurred due to electrical materials
and survivor skills to avoid fire accidents are
install fire alarms it will reduce the fire
clean the storage areas and remove all old newspapers magazines etc.,
keep the electrical wiring in home in safe zone
never use gasoline or similar liquids indoors
check heat sources like kerosene heaters and electrical heaters
keep matches and lighters up high away from children
Install A-B-C type fire extinguishers in the home and teach household members how to use them (Type A-wood or papers fires only; Type B-flammable liquid or grease fires; Type C-electrical fires; Type A-B-C-rated for all fires and recommended for the home).
Consider installing an automatic fire sprinkler system in your home.
Ask your local fire department to inspect your residence for fire safety and prevention.

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