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"Preventing Fire accidents"
Fire accidents are now common. Fire is a very important resource for human beings but at the same time when someone plays with fire it can be severe. This article is intended to help and guide students if they face situations related to fire. Fire was something feared in old days it symbolized anger or wrath of gods and goddesses, People worshiped fire also because it was a part of their nature god. There are many ways to prevent fire causing destruction to property and important stuff.
How to prevent fire 'what to do' and 'what not to':
what to do?:
1) store all flammable products inside a dressing table.
2) keep matches away from small kids
3) always keep a A,B,C,D extinguisher though it will cost a some fair amount of money you should do this for your own protection.
4) use sand  when fire strikes it is closest fire extinguisher and you don't need to spend on it.
5) call your nearby fire station for help.
6) keep all of your windows and doors closed and use the extinguisher.
what not to do?:
1) don't burn anything inside your house.
2) don't be selfish, help others maybe oneday they may help you too.
3) don't act smart when you're in problems like "fire" let people help you.
4) don't use water, it may reduce it but you'll get hurt and all kinds of fire is not for water to extinguish remember there are different fire types.
5) always keep a small extinguisher in your vehicle it may help you oneday.
6) don't try to handle the situation on your own if it gets out of your hands in that case professionals are needed.
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