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Kriya Visheshan means Adverb. It is a word that either modifies the meaning of an adjective , verb or other adverbs or provides additional information about adjective, verb or adverb.
Kriya Visheshan is categorized into four types that are listed below:

1. Kaal Vachak (Time) for eg: Aaj , Pratidin, Sada , etc. 

2. Sthan Vachak  (Place) for eg: Yaha , Kidhar , Bahar, Sabjagah , etc. 

3. Pariman Vachak  (Quantity) for eg: Bahut , Kum , Adhik , Kuchh , etc.

4. Reeti Vachak  (Manner) for eg: Shayad , Achanak , Dhire , Tej , etc.
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