Gurudev ravindranath tagore thought of an idea school,with classes held under the trees. if you were to set up a school,what would you do?[consider-where would classes be held-what subject would be taught-how many students would be taken each class-other special features].



If I were set to set up a school, I would like it to be like this....
1) Classes - The classes would be held in a huge ground, with open space, cold wind and sweet chirps.
2) Location - The location would be near a lake or a pond.
3) Subjects - The subjects that would be taught are :
i. Environmental Education
ii. English..... and the regular subjects....
4) Students - In each class, there would be 10 children, so that there would not be a crowd.
5) Special Features - Nature Walks, Training in Interested Subjects

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