Dear diary,                                                                                                          dated: 8th oct 2014
                     there are so many news and rumors spreading about a super earth somewhere over light-years away from our earth with ten times the gravity. Scientists assume that there is life in that earth too! I think its wrong  since earth is the only planet in our whole universe which supports life. The scientists think that we could go and  live in (invade) their planet with them; how can we do such a thing even if there is an earth that is ten times greater than ours, we'll just be doing the same as we do in our planet like polluting(it would be like stealing their rights), maybe  their planet is better than our but we should try to save it because "we were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out our purpose in life."
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Date 13-10-2014,  Monday.
      I saw a great news in the newspapers today.  There seems to be some evidence of life on planet X too.  Scientists have just confirmed that from Russia, USA, UK and France.

I feel happy about the evidence. I think it is great. Probably the aliens on that planet X are far more decent, unharming and obeying the nature than spoiling it. I  hope that they maintain planet X much better than we maintain the Earth.

Perhaps, the Earth and the Planet X will establish contact and exchange visits. Perhaps in future citizens of planet will mix with each other.  Then people will go and settle on planet X also.  Perhaps an advanced TV channel will broadcast programs from the planet X.

We will learn the better ways of living from them and teach them our ways. There will be newer opportunities for people, new technologies will develop and people of various countries and UNO will become more active. 

I would like to go there to planet X and study the environment, history and science of the planet.  My philosophy will change towards that. May be some scientific fiction stories will come true.  Our education will change to enhance our learning.

Let me revisit by diary after twenty years and see if what I wrote will become true.  Good night.