gd mrng everyone today i......................stand before u 2 deliver speech in sports

sports is something 2 be liked by everyone.Sports are essential for our body fitness .People are often 2 gyms we can see eg even in our families nowdays but in place of going gyms if we are active in sports we can maintain our health BY PLAYING BASKETBALL,FOOTBALL,THROWBALL,VOLLEYBALL,HOCKEY,CRICKETetc.type of games it will give us fun as well as good for health.We can take eg of our famous cricketer sachin tendulkar he never use to go 2 gym in one of his interview he said that cricket is the one which has maintained my body and health.THerefore there are many types of sports like i told u before so for me sports is something which has many advantages and i think that many of u are active in sports but if not so become from now.i can assure u that u will really enjoy it and have fr me sports means everything

thank u

Sports develop and encourage the spirit of healthy competition. The, competitive instinct is natural in man and demands outlets. Sports have wide scope for the competitive instinct. Matches and tournaments and contests are held to put to test the skill, toughness, stamina and endurance of values of participants. Medals and awards are an incentive to players to achieveexcellence and a high standard of performance in their respective fields. The healthy spirit of rivalry and competition constantly leads to improvement in the performance and previous records are constantly excelled or surpassed. 

There are several other considerations which entail sports to an important place in life. It is usually by taking part in sports that we cultivate what is called the spirit of showmanship. This spirit of sportsmanship is an excellent quality in a man and consists of fair play, sense of discipline, capacity for team work and cooperation and confidence in oneself that enabled one to accept a defeat cheerfully. A sportsman playing on the field is not expected outplays foul. He must cooperate and finally, if his team suffers a defeat he must not lose self-confidence but must shake hands with his adversaries cheerfully. When a sportsman has acquired these qualities on the playground, he will naturally exhibit them in the wider sphere of life. If he has truly imbibed the lessons taught to him by sports, he will be very honest and fair in his dealings with other people. He will never see his enemies below belt. Hewill always obey his superiors. He will never feel heartbroken on account of the disappointments. If he shows these qualities in his general conduct, he has learnt how live truly. His life is successful and he will be admired everywhere. 

Sports are an excellent means of spending one’s leisure. All work and no play make jack adult boy. Sports are much interesting pastime. Most of the games are quite inexpensive too.