The relation is-
1.The run rate , s/r etc. in cricket games are determined only by the help of mathematics.
2.The statistics of batsmen and bowlers like runs, wickets , etc . are determined by maths.
3.The NRR(Net run rate) is also calculated on the basis of mathematics.
4.The pace of the ball and bat speed  are also given with maths.
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1. Run rate is calculated using math. Run rate=Runs scored/overs bowled.(division)
2. Overs. 1 over equals to 6 balls bowled. We can calculate ball bowled if they have given in overs. Balls bowled=Overs bowled x 6.(Multiplication)
3. Economy. They can calculate the bowlers economy. Economy=Run conceded/overs bowled.(Division)
4. Average. They can calculate the average of a batsman per 100 matches or how many ever they want. Batting average=Total number of run made by batsman in X matches/X Matches played.(Average)
5. The scores are in numbers and even the wickets. So it is also a part of math.(Numbers)

Remember X can be any value.

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