There are two, good and bad. first we'll discuss good ones,
by using internet we can find many answers related to subject. so many websites are there to clarify doubts like etc.knowing many things, improving our knowledge, knowing about history, world affairs, inventions, discoveries, can read biographies about great personalities, exact information about anything etc.
 BAD:- teens are addicted to facebook, watsapp by chatting with others for hours, watching videos which are bad, always watching cinemas in net etc.
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good morning to one and all present here.respected judges and all my dear competitors today i (ur name) stands in front of u to share my views on the topic"is internet good or bad for teenagers"

As the coin has two faces same as the internet do...there's even its good and even bad face...
internet is a medium through which one can find answers to its queries .it can help a person find answers to his ques but on the other hand it can be way which would harm the teens.the teenagers of now are just out of control that means...they are addicted to many social networking sites like facebook,hike.,whatsapp and many more ...but it depend on the user that how he uses net!

at last i want to say that net is useful when used in a proper way and harmful when used in a wrong way.
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