If we talk about English then it is the most important thing in ones life as it is the only language that the world knows. It is also known as "the Global Language ". It has a lot of Importance such as for higher education one needs to go in other countries and for communication we would have to know the Global language i.e. English as more than 90% of people of the world know english so It is a very Important language.
"spoken " part is also important.

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English has become the most used and major communication medium for people to interact internationally and in India.  It is the language in which most inventions, research, higher studies, political dialogues and documentation of all kinds are done.

Obviously, communication needs to be done very well. Spoken English is very important for expressing oneself clearly, unambiguously, and impressively so as to influence the audience.  If we are good at spoken English, then we are able to communicate our ideas with out any breaks and hence the listeners will appreciate it well.   On the other hand, if we take many pauses in between and make grammar mistakes, then the listeners will not feel interested in the speech any more. Our effort will not only be wasted but also back fire at us.

In order to develop skills in spoken English there are many alternatives these days. There are many easy books, there are short term and long term courses for the young and the old. There are many on line resources on the internet. Also there are materials available along with diction and pronunciation in DVDs and CDs.

We have to learn English to be able to professionally deal with the world whether in India or abroad.  But we should not neglect our regional and national languages. Knowledge and skills in those languages are also important.  Many persons have benefited from learning spoken English and have built self-confidence to project themselves ahead.