The prisms of binoculars, lengthen the light path between the objective lens and the eyepiece—thereby increasing the magnification the lens system can provide—without increasing the length of the binoculars.There are two types of prisms used in the binoculars.
 Porro-prism binoculars, the most common type, use an offset prism arrangement.
Roof-prism binoculars are more compact because they use prisms with complex shapes to eliminate the offset arrangement; however, they are more difficult to manufacture.

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prisms are used in binoculars instead of mirrors for better reflection. general right angled prisms or bi prisms are used in binoculars. by using prisms in binoculars we can increase the reflection efficiency upto 95% at the similar cost of manufacturing

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Prisms are cross sections of glass with each side as a triangle. Prisms have the capability of reflecting and magnifying each object and forming a small and clear and separate image/illusion on the cross section of glass. So prisms are fit in binoculars so that they reflect the light and form clear image for the person to see properly. The prism also increases the capability of magnification.
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