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What can you do with those free CDs you receive in the mail? Make a neuron!  a. Drill several holes in one side of the CD.  b. Tie lengths of wire or string through these holes. These wires or string become the dendrites of your neuron.  c. Attach a long wire or string to the center hole of the CD. This long wire or string becomes the axon.  d. Make a hole in the center of a plastic container (small yogurt container works well for this) and thread the end of the axon through it. The container becomes the synaptic terminal. 
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Models of neural computation are attempts to elucidate, in an abstract and mathematical fashion, the core principles that underlie information processing in biological nervous systems, or functional components thereof. This article aims to provide an overview of the most definitive models of neuro-biological computation as well as the tools commonly used to construct and analyze them.
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