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There are 4 friends of mine named Apurva, Nivedita and Somendra.

I to my parents: Mum and Dad this is my friend Apurva. He is always of a great help to me so I called him to my birthday.
Apurva: Namaste! Hello uncle and aunty. Hope you are in good health.
Mum: Yes we are.
I to my parents: Mum and Dad this is my friend Nivedita my only mate. She always helped me when I was in trouble. So I called her here.
Nivedita: Hello uncle, hello Aunty.
Dad and Mum: Hello Beta.
I to my parents: Mum and Dad this is my friend Somendra. He is my best friend and we are friends for life.
Mum: Nice meeting you beta.
Dad: Okay come on now we have got to cut the cake and feast and it is a long work to do. 

(Everyone laugh and then curtains fall).

introducing friends tour parents in ur birthday is the chance in which ur parents may know ur friends
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