Once there lived a Crane and a fox who were close friends. One day the fox invited the crane to dine with him. the crane happily accepted the invitation and when to dinner. at the dinner the fox served the dishes in shallow open vessels. but the crane was not able to eat from these vessels as he had a long beak...he was insulted. the next day the crane invited the fox to his dinner, the fox accepted his offer happily and went to dinner with him. this time the crane served his dishes in narrow openning jars form which the fox was unable to eat as his mouth was short. from this the fox was insulted and he learnt his lesson.

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I am writing a complete different story:
Once upon a time, there was a fox very cunning and greedy. Once he was devouring on meat when suddenly a bone stuck right vertically in his throat. He could not eat or do anything. Slowly he starved and was almost on deathbed.
A crane drinking water from a near by lake saw him. Then the crane asked what had happened and the fox explained very hard with his mouth. Then the crane said that he would take out the bone but will have half of the fox's share. The fox agreed and the crane took it out. The fox was saved.
After two days the crane saw the fox feasting upon a fish. When the crane asked for his share, the fox laughed and said that he must go away because the fox did the deed of not killing the crane when it entered its beak into the mouth.
The crane became sad but angry and decided on something. When the crane saw the fox was resting he swooped down on the fox and poked in one of his eye. Blood oozed out but in complete vain as the fox ran to get hold of the crane. Then the crane said that to never treat others unjustly.