Kabuliwala deals with the theme of human relationship on different levels .First and the foremost relationship portrayed here is the relation between Minni and her father.Minni is a chatter box and her father, a patient listener .However his father (the narrator ) is a busy person and can spare a little time for her daughter..Another relationship that develops with the progress of the plot is the relationship between Minni and the Kabuliwala .He is a father-like figure and patiently listens to Minni's questions and answers them .Minni ,in her childhood makes friends with the people who work in her house and are mostly elder than her.But as she grows older all her elderly male friends are replaced by girls of her own age .She almost stopped spending time with her father .This showed the decelopment in the understanding of the girl as she understood that she had to make friends of her own age group.And with the passage of time she also forgot the Kabuliwala..
  another example of improvement of understanding is that she did not know tha meaning of "in-laws" and used to joke on that.but when Kabuliwala comes to meet her in the end of the story,she is matured enough to understand the meaning of in-laws .So she didnot answer the way she used to do.and turned purple with shame.

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Mini is a young girl of five who is very chatty and feisty. As she grows up, we see the different relationships that she shares. First the relationship between a father and a daughter which is prayed by Mini and her Father. Both of them are very intimate and we see that Mini downs most of her time with her father. But since Minis father is a busy man he is unable to spend much time with mini. They are like two friends. Minis father is very patient and does not get fed up with minis innocent question. He patiently answers them in the best way possible. Then they is the relationship between a mother and a daughter prayed by mini and her mother. Minis mother is a timid lady . She does not like to sit and Have a chat with mini. Unlike the father she lacks patience. But she loves mini very much and for that reason she earns her to stay away from that Kabuliwala. Then there is the relationship between mini and the Kabuliwala which is a reflection of the latter's relationship with his daughter. Mini befriends Kabuliwala, a man who is much older to him. They is a difference of race caste and nationality yet the relationship flourished. Mini fouoing
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