You just have to tell about the major land marks.
an example.:
  1)first enter Koel Nagar.
  2)come straight to the community centre 
  3)there will be four streets,take the second from the right.
  4)come straight ..till u reach MG Chowk.
  5)take the first right.
   6)go will see a handpump.turn left from there.
  7)u will see a small fitness park.
  8)my house is just infront of the park.(xyz/lmn)

Here are some tips to follow while giving directions:
- Start from the person's side.
- give directions from his point of view.
- Highlight landmarks
- make/ give instructions for turns and deviations in respect to landmarks.
- for the readers convinience use directions such as right or left.
- details such as approximate distnce is also possible.
- you may highlight geographic features
- check your directions thrice form the person's point of view.