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First of all warn him/her from doing any further litter.
Then I would explain him/her the importance of cleanliness in class.
Still if he/she is doing I will have to complain to teacher(as in schools they are the head) and write a letter to the Principal on requesting to interfere into the matter.

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how will you motivate to stop littering?
by giving the warning of complaining to the Principal or teacher
not giving punishment motivating
no if yu give warning not exactly complaining yu can motivate to stop littering
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if our friend littering in surrounding then first we stop him and saying him about advantages of cleanliness.and saying that all the world is take the cleanliness step towards earth and you will dirt it. 
                                we request to principle that to give permission to us to draw a play[natak] on cleanliness so that all will able know about it.
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