Infact sky gets its colour because of the sheet of mixture of gases .and more over because of the presence of oxygen and watervapour  present in the atmosphere. it gets blue in colour when sun light falls on these layers of atmosphers(during day times),well u can sea the sky black even during nights.
next clouds will be at atmosphere,stratosphere(one of the layers of atmosphere) to be more specified .
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We all know that sun is the main source of light.we this light of the sun passes through the various layers of the atmosphere it gets scattered by the particles of the atmosphere.and this scattering of light is responsible for the blue colour of the sky.
There is a lack of such particles in the space as it is mostly no scattering takes place there and it appears dark(so called black).

Clouds.the clouds are present in the atmosphere .specifically in the stratosphere.which comes just after the troposphere.even the ozone layer is present here.
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